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🔍Read Full Article Harry Winston continue their narrative of the tourbillon… here's No.4

Harry Winston continue their narrative of the tourbillon… here's No.4

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New from Harry Winston, the Histoire de Tourbillon 4.   Once considered a complex horological achievement, the tourbillon continues to be tweaked, fiddled with, developed and advanced so much so that the indication of time becomes almost a nonessential feature of some tourbillon wristwatches, such is the compelling allure of their panorama - and none scream "look at me" more than a multi-axis mechanism showcased through its own section of bulging sapphire crystal.     In its Haute Horlogerie portfolio,


The Opus 12 from Harry Winston – Magic by sleight of hand.

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A watch with no hands then. 'Ha! Easy!' you say; it's either a digital watch (mechanical or electronic), maybe a nice piece from Urwerk or perhaps even one of Beat Haldimann's amazing creations (which may or may not have hands - if only you could see through the blacked crystal!). And you would be right of course  - all of the above would qualify. But


Harry Winston Ocean Chronograph New Model

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Harry Winston, jeweller to the stars, supplier of diamonds to divas and red carpet rocks and also in more recent times creators of timepieces and not just sparkly ones either, serious pieces for the discerning collector.  The brand now present a new addition to their Ocean Collection, a rather tasty new Ocean Chronograph. The dial of this splendid piece features an off-centre hours and minutes display at the top of the dial and a trio of


Harry Winston Opus 9 is awarded “Best Design Watch of the Year”

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The jury at the ninth Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève held on 14th November 2009 have awarded the Harry Winston Opus 9 the “Best Design Watch of the Year”. The Opus collection, launched by Harry Winston in 2001 is a horological collaboration which brings together master designers and pioneers of engineering from the industry annually, whose combined talents have in the past resulted in releases which are quite simply the most highly sought after and collectable