24 Ferrari 250 GTO's + A Bespoke Hublot Classic Fusion Watch, Classy? - More Than.


The Hublot Classic Fusion Tourbillon Skeleton Ferrari 250 GTO watch.


Back in November it was announced that Hublot would be partners with Ferrari, each company had so much to offer that we wondered "Who Wooed Who..."  If the cynic in you also wondered how many Ferrari/Hublot editions would have hit the shelves by now then - ya boo ... in fact, very few.  As we predicted, Ferrari would provide a global network of fans, and Hublot would provide industry-savvy prowess which includes more than a bit of  "give them what they want, but in only in small series editions".  So - how to enthuse fans of both brands in this mutually beneficial partnership if not simply by issuing timepieces?  With showcase events, of course, and this weekend Hublot will host the classic car event of the year, a historic gathering in the Champagne region for Ferrari 250 GTO's and their owners.


This meeting will mark the 50th Anniversary of the Ferrari 250 GTO - the car which money alone could not buy, the car which Enzo Ferrari reserved only for buyers to which he granted his personal approval.  Only 36 were made, not all were cherished - some inevitably ended up in the ditch, some were raced and ended up in the tyre wall.  In a sublime spectacle 24 pristine 250 GTO's and their owners will come from around the world to mark the anniversary and to be present when a special edition Hublot watch is unveiled.  Publicity coup?  Yes.  Classy?  More  than.



Naturally you would expect such a watch to take design inspiration from the Ferrari 250 GTO and it does. It's 45mm titanium case has been remodelled to be curvaceous and sleek, and it's exceptinal labyrinthine movement features, at 12 o'clock, a barrel drum reminiscent of the 250 GTO's wheel rim.


The theme of exclusivity continues, the Hublot Classic Fusion Tourbillon Skeleton Ferrari 250 GTO watch will only be available for purchase by Ferrari 250 GTO owners and if desired, the chassis number of their car can be engraved on the movement bridge of the watch.


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