A New "Feather Light" Chronograph, from ..... Graham!

A New "Feather Light" Chronograph, from ..... Graham!

Ever driven around the streets of Monaco?  It looks very different from the Grand Prix circuit.  The famous landmark buildings, the tunnel and the harbour are obvious of course and so is that affluent skyline, but otherwise you'd never think you were driving on the same tarmac used by F1 drivers each May.

Drive on the narrow Isle of Man country roads through sleepy Manx villages and you're there.  That's the TT Race Circuit.  You see exactly what the brave  TT riders see.  And if you were able to do it at speeds of up to 200 miles per hour then you'd be experiencing the adrenalin kick that they get lap after lap.  After all there's only so much you can do to make a whole island race-ready, you can't remove houses and you can't provide safety run-offs where there is no run-off space, only stone walls.

Graham are timing partners of the Isle of Man TT Races and they have become rather good at capturing the spirit of the event in wristwatch form.  Not for the shy or retiring, these are big, manly timepieces.

Think that 47mm is a tad too big? So what, it's a Graham.  And that trigger-style thumb lever mechanism .... a bit over-the-top perhaps?  Same, same.  In fact this year's Graham TT Race watch many look huge - it is, but it is extremely light at just under 100g, and believe me that is feather-light for something which has, to coin an old watch cliché, such "wrist presence".

The Chronofighter Oversize Superlight TT is not a heavily branded TT watch, the dial doesn't even feature the triskelion (- it's round the back), but the indications are cleverly designed to pay homage to the circuit itself in an entirely appropriate way - timing.

The tachymeter scale is based on the TT circuit, 37.73 miles.  The lap record is highlighted at 3 o'clock.  On the minutes counter, the yellow indicator is set to 17 minutes, the lap record, and when the openworked red arrow-tipped minutes hand overlaps the yellow marker it enables instantaneous circuit-based speed reading, and time comparisons.

The case is made from "black carbon nanotube speckled composite" hence the lightness and the G1747 Calibre features in-built Incabloc shock absorbing.  The robustness continues with a black techno-fabric red stitched strap.

The Graham Chronofighter Oversize Superlight TT watch will be limited to 200 pieces more information here.

And more TT Races information here.