Angular Momentum Jet Black

Angular Momentum are never going to be the world's biggest watch manufacturer. You won't settle into your seat in your local restaurant, look around and notice that half of your fellow diners are sporting various examples of Angular Momentum watches. In fact, if you do own one, then it is quite unlikely that you will ever see someone wearing a similar piece.

This is not because Angular Momentum makes bad watches, has a brand image problem or anything like that. Rather,  it has more to do with the way they go about their watchmaking which has resulted in a new release from them being something of an occasion to fans of the brand.

You see every watch from the Bern-based atelier is a unique hand-made piece, with production divided into the 'Artisan' and 'Technical' Timepiece collections. The watchmakers complete up to three hundred bespoke pieces each year.

Recently Angular Momentum unveiled the latest addition to the Technical Timepiece collection, the Jet Black. Immediately it's obvious that this is an unconventional watch to say the least. As is a common feature in this collection it dispenses with hands altogether and instead makes use of two revolving discs; completely black, except for one bright Email Lumineuse dot on the hours disc and white numerals for the minutes, both discs revolving beneath it's black 'medallion' which is punctuated with twelve round hour apertures and curved minutes window.

Angular Momentum Jet Black

The Jet Black is available in a 42mm pvd coated stainless steel case with polished steel bezel which creates a nice effect. The movement is a hand-wound mechanical in-house calibre.

As I mused earlier, Angular Momentum won't become a household name anytime soon, but that's not their motivation. As with most industries nowadays we have our globally recognised, heavily marketed brands and we do need small specialist manufactures who add their own intrigue to today's super-commercialized world of watchmaking.

My gratitude to Angular Momentum for providing the images.