Bell & Ross BR 01-92 Compass Watch

Bell & Ross release the Instrument BR 01-92 Compass watch. This is the latest evolution of the BR-01 Instrument series and the brand have been cleverly building the collection by working their way through aviation cockpit inspired dials to great effect.  So far the BR 01  portfolio has included a luxury tourbillon limited edition, a skull edition in tribute to the Airborne paratroopers of World War II and the (slightly) tamer Heritage models.  Recently they presented the BR-01 Radar so the Compass is a natural progression.

The new model, like its predessors is a monster.  Measuring 46mm x 46mm, flat, square and instantly recognisable.

The Bell & Ross BR 01-92 Compass

The Compass features a mechanical automatic ETA 2892 with discs instead of hands used to indicate time.  The outer disc displays the hours, the inner disc the minutes.  A  white vertical line at the top of the dial serves as a fixed reference point to indicate the hours and minutes, thus giving the impression of a navigation compass.  The dial is split into two, the upper half for time indication, the lower half purely for visual effect with the rotating discs viewable through smoked sapphire crystal.

It has been interesting to view the story of this young brand unfold from its origins in the early 1990's when Bruno Belamich and Carlos Rosillo first sought to construct timepieces for use in the most extreme environments.  That the Instrument BR-01 continues to evolve is no suprise, it is surely the industry's finest example of a modern cult classic.  Indestructable by design and nature, this thing could and should be around forever.

The Bell & Ross BR 01-92 Compass will be available in October limited to 500 pieces worldwide.