Bremont Supermarine 2000 - Deeper, But Still Dapper.

Bremont add and expand their Supermarine collection with a new piece, the Bremont Supermarine 2000.  

All Bremont timepieces are tough, reliable and durable, all Bremont timepieces are well designed - all Bremont timepieces are usable, readable and really quite dapper.  I know of no-one in the industry who do not rate this youthful watch brand as highly as some, if not all of the big players.


The Supermarine 2000 does not replace its predecessor, the 500, but it offers higher water resistance, now to 2000 metres and a re-worked case.  The size has been increased to 45mm but everything else has been re-designed so it all remains perfectly proportioned.  Subtle details ensure that this piece will stand alone in the collection - there are flashes of red on the dial and bezel, the date window frame has been blackened ...  but thankfully the best features remain intact - the quirky railtrack in the dial centre, the slight case over-spill which tapers from the crown, and of course, the build quality synonymous with the brand.


Bremont fans will not fail to notice the inclusion of "London" at 6 o'clock, in place of "Swiss Made" - a significant addition but entirely appropriate considering that 2012 is proving to be a momentous year for the cosmopolitan city and also for Bremont, who recently opened their first flagship store in Mayfair, a boutique which will offer not only a new shopping experience but also London's first melting pot of horology and adventurism.


In addition to its increased water resistance, the Bremont Supermarine 2000 includes a helium escape valve, the horological equivalent of an anti-bends device and a calibre-preserving Faraday cage and anti-shock movement mount.  The piece will be available later this year.


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