Chronoswiss - Gerd-R Lang's Watch Brand Has Been Sold.


Chronoswiss, the Munich-based watch company founded by Gerd-R Lang has been sold.  A 100% takeover has been agreed and the new owner is reported to be a Swiss investor.  Recognisable by their out-size "onion" crown, Chronoswiss timepieces are also known for their outstanding attention to detail and innovative mechanical movements.

Having spent his formative years at the watchmakers bench as an apprentice, Gerd-R Lang worked his way across the industry. On serving his apprenticeship, he found employment with the Heuer watch company where he served from 1964 working on the famous Heuer sports chronographs and stopwatches.


Following the death of its’ Patron, the Heuer brand had struggled for some years, and it was this period of instability (ultimately culminating in the takeover by Technologies d’Avant-Garde later in 1984) which triggered G-R Langs’ departure, taking with him in lieu of severance a stock of Heuer chronograph movements.


In 1980, having returned to further study his profession in Würzburg, Gerd-R Lang emerged with his new title of ‘Master Watchmaker’ and immediately commenced setting in place the corner stones for what would, in a few short years, become Chronoswiss.



Gerd-R Lang's passion for mechanical watchmaking during a time when the industry had turned "quartz" produced a series of remarkable timepieces including the Chronoswiss Régulateur and Chronoswiss Sauterelle models.


Having moved into a new purpose-built facility in Karlsfeld, Munich in 2006 the long term future for Chronoswiss appeared to be extremely positive.  At this time it is not clear if financial difficulties are responsible for the re-sale of the brand or if the Lang family simply wish to turn away from watchmaking, whatever the reason for this news, we at The Watch Press wish them every success in the future.


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