Confrérie Horlogère Hublot Liberty

Confrérie Horlogère Hublot unveil Liberty, a remarkable bullet-shaped timepiece designed to be worn as a bracelet, pendant or simply used as a tactile horological stress-buster. Measuring 53.75mm long and 27mm wide, the gun cartridge type case is a combination of black aluminium and titanium.  The piece is powered by a transverse tourbillon manually wound movement with 120 hours of power reserve, and a sapphire crystal base provides a mesmerising view of the carriage.  Hours and minutes are indicated on the side of the case by rollers and water resistance is to 30m.

The Confrérie Horlogère has evolved from BNB Concept whose original founders Mathias Buttet, Michel Navas and Enrico Barbasinci all previously of Frank Muller sought to create innovative high-end watch movements for the industry, often anonymously. A small group of chosen BNB Concept employees - the Confrérie Horlogère can make use of all the resources at BNB in terms of technology and support while having creative “carte blanche”.