De Bethune DB28 and DB28T Kind of Blue

Watch brands are smitten by the colour blue and, as if to affirm their devotion,  a myriad of blue dials appear at Baselworld each year.  Of the miscellany of hues available, none will stir your senses and draw you in quite like those produced by De Bethune.  Now they have a new collection comprising of two models to add to their portfolio - the De Bethune DB28 and DB28T Kind of Blue.


De Bethune DB28 Kind of Blue

The "Kind of Blue" collection has been created to honour the colour which has been a signature feature of De Bethune since they began their watchmaking adventure and indeed, these new pieces are almost entirely Cerulean in appearance, with Grade 5 titanium cases and a good deal of the movements having been treated using traditional hand and heat methods to give them an other-worldly character.

De Bethune DB28 Kind of Blue watch

The DB28 model features the brand's precision spherical moon-phase so therefore wins me over.   It also packs in an innovative high-precision escapement and a host of De Bethune extras. Although it is the least exclusive of the two, just 10 pieces will be made this year so it's likely that yours will be the only one you'll ever see.

De Bethune Kind of Blue Watch

Add a "T" to the title and you get the same lust-worthy case plus a tourbillon - the lightest in the world they say - the ultra-limited DB28T model of which just 5 pieces will be made available this year.

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