De Bethune release the DB25 Moon Phase

Founded in 2002, the De Bethune manufacturer are already considered to be masters of the use of concepts, technology and innovation within the industry. The pursuit  for precision movements through on-going research has  resulted in the development and patenting of its titanium and platinum balance wheel and also its silicon balance wheel. The De Bethune DB25 Moon Phase

Now the watch collecting public can appreciate the fruits of their labours in the form of the DB25 Moon Phase watch  which has  a new hand-wound mechanical movement with six days power reserve based on the DB2105 mechanical movement featuring the silicon balance wheel which makes its debut having been used in a production movement for the first time.

Available in rose gold or grey gold 44.6mm watchcase editions, both of which contrast beautifully with the hand guilloché silvered gold dial, it is surprisingly clean and classical in styling considering some of the more “avant garde” releases by this brand such as the DBS and DB22 collections.

One of the most distinguished features synonymous with this brand - the spherical moon phase indicator ball appears in all its captivating glory.  Rotating on its own axis it has two sides, one in steel the other in platinum against a background sky embellished with gold stars, it serves to replicate what we can actually see in the sky.  This exquisite scene is astonishingly accurate, requiring no adjustment for 122 years.