Doxa Sub 800 Ti Professional - can you tell what it is yet????

Lovers of the cool Doxa brand will be pleased to set their eyes on the new Doxa Sub 800 Ti Professional. As boasted on their own site (itself a peculiar setup with two variants of the same site available as far as I can see) the watch 'looks like steel, so it must be.....titanium' of course!! Although the Ti suffix might already have blown that surprise. The new Sub is indeed a departure for Doxa as it is their first titanium version thus far. The company claim that this and other new features on the watch are the result of customer requests and owner's forum comments, which Doxa actually took onboard and acknowledged. This, to me, demonstrates a company who know their customer, know where to find them - online - and who are keen enough to respond to their more accessible demands.

However, the polishing techniques used in the manufacturing process actually leave the normally dull titanium with a much brighter than normal finish - almost like stainless steel. The link bracelet certainly has the appearance of a matte/polished steel bracelet and the clasp expands using a push-button ratchet to encompass the larger cuff of a wet/dry suit before easily adjusting to fit the wrist. Also comes with 'NATO' fabric strap.

And typically, as soon as I write a feature about a watch with fairly special attributes, such as the Ball Watch Engineer Hydrocarbon Spacemaster and it's H3 Tritium gas-filled markers and hands, the every next day I write to tell you that the new Doxa Sub 800Ti Professional is also kitted out with the same technology, for unrivaled readability which requires no exposure to light prior to use.

Doxa are also keen to emphasise the versatility of their Sub 800 Ti and it's adaptability to military requirements as the company integrated elements of the US military published required specifications into the manufacture of the watch. After all, this is one robust and durable watch which offers 'total illumination in total darkness'.

The Doxa Sub 800 Ti is available in orange (Professional) or black (Sharkhunter) dials.