Eric Clapton To Sell Ultra-Rare Patek Philippe Watch. Sorted. Innit?

The wristwatch - functional accessory, statement of style and wealth.  Once everyone who you met wore one, now less so - yet the mechanical wristwatch has never been more appreciated, whether vintage or cutting-edge - even the resourceful and original Independent Watchmakers have finally found recognition, with the media telling their stories and promoting their products.  But when it comes to the usefulness of a wristwatch there are still conflicting views .....  

This week Noel Gallagher in his blog posed the question "What is the obsession with fancy watches anyway", he goes on .... "Once they put a clock in your phone - that's it innit? Sorted".


Conversely, Eric Clapton, although loosely in the same industry as Mr. Gallagher clearly feels differently.  In November he will part with a timepiece from his private collection, a platinum-cased Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Chronograph, one of only two released, which is expected to sell for in the region of $4 million.



This is a beautiful and rare piece, from the collection of a discerning watch enthusiast, set to earn its owner and auctioneers Christies, a handsome booty.  Perfect for getting through times of austerity.  Sorted.  Innit.


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