Girard-Perregaux Cabinet de Curiosités Thomas Erber



Girard-Perregaux have created a new edition of their world timer series, the Girard-Perregaux Cabinet de Curiosités Thomas Erber.


I have said it before and I'll say it again, Girard-Perregaux make the best world timer wristwatch - 24 time zones instantly readable + date + a fly back chronograph - it is readable, usable, foolproof and it looks great.  You cannot fault GP for the amount of limited edition watches they continue to release, with 24 time zones to choose from they can choose to single out and highlight any one of them to create a special "made for" piece.  And this one, which for the first time is housed in a white ceramic case is very special indeed.


Think a big butch boy can't wear a white ceramic watch?  Think again.  The Cabinet de Curiosités is as manly as ever thanks to its robust 43mm case and chunky rubber pushers and strap, and underneath all that white ceramic is a titanium shell with black DLC coating on the case back.  The white dial is not in the slightest bit girly, the addition of a sultry smoked sapphire crystal tones it down and with flashes of red on the hands on the counters the whole design works to perfection.



The piece is so-named because it was created for Thomas Erber's Cabinet de Curiosités, a showcase for specially designed editions from a wealth of brands from around the world.  This is an invitation to the design departments and individuals to present ultra limited editions of their wares to be admired and desired by the general public.  The event begins today, November 21st at Brown's in London and runs until November 23rd, and in tribute to this "London" is highlighted on the watch's dial in red.  The creation of such "concept" pieces gives designers an opportunity to excercise their creativity, push the boundaries and produce something unique, elements of which may very well filter down into mainstream portfolios in the future.


The Girard-Perregaux Cabinet de Curiosités Thomas Erber will be a limited edition of just 5 pieces.


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