Graham Chronofighter Oversize Tourist Trophy Bi-Compax Chronograph

Graham celebrate their continued partnership with the Isle of Man TT races with a new release -The Chronofighter Oversize Tourist Trophy Bi-compax chronograph. George Graham is said to be the inventor of the chronograph, so it is pehaps appropriate that the Graham brand which was revived by The British Masters SA should feature a portfolio rich with chronograph timers.

The trademark of the Oversize collection is a trigger-style thumb lever mechanism positioned on the left side of the case which adds to the overall robust design and is presumably usable even when wearing racing gloves etc.  The TT Bi-compax chronograph features a re-worked dial following on from last year's model, the Manx Triskelion serves as a sweep seconds on a sub-dial at the three o'clock position and the 30-minute counter in the form of a 30 mph road speed limit sign is a symbolic thumbed nose at the usual speed restrictions you would expect to obey when travelling through idyllic sleepy Manx villages.

This TT Bi- compax chronograph is powered by the Calibre G1734 automatic movement and the race winner of each event of the 2010 TT which runs from 29th May to 11th June will receive one of these special edition pieces.

Motorcycle road racing provides a unique spine-tingling spectacle. There is only so much you can do to modify an entire island for an event such as the TT so there is an obvious compromise in safety, after all you cannot remove buildings and stone walls so run-off areas are almost non-existent - if you have an accident here chances are it's going to be a big one.  A friend of mine escaped serious injury at the event a few years ago, the cause?... well like most riders he used natural features of the landscape to gauge braking distances into the corners, every lap he used a landmark in this case a stone to know where he'd have to brake into a particularly nasty bend...... except that this "stone" turned out to be a hedgehog awoken from his slumber by the noise and shuffling slowly on his way towards the corner in question.

Road racers may appear to be a headstrong mix of recklessness and bravery, however I guarantee that after you've been a spectator at an event like the TT, you won't analyse it too much, you'll be hooked.

The Graham The Chronofighter Oversize Tourist Trophy Bi-compax chronograph will be a limited release of 211 pieces.