Haldimann Central Balance Pure H12

Haldimann Central Balance Pure H12

2017 GPHG Tourbillon & Escapement Category Finalist

Pure and pristine in its appearance, the H12 Central Balance Pure by independent master Beat Haldimann keeps its secrets to itself, yet behind a frosted blue dial beats a hand made in house calibre of exquisite beauty and profound levels of horologic craftsmanship.

Of the six finalists in the 2017 GPHG Tourbillon and Escapement category, this is the most reserved and discreet piece to have been pre-selected for the cherished award. The H12 Central Balance Pure is the work of a highly respected independent watchmaker who has never really cared too much for convention, much less being interested in trying to please everyone, and his creations have a true connoisseur allure.

It's also the only watch here which does not feature a tourbillon, and while that at first might seem at odds with the others, there is a very good reason for its inclusion here, and that is down to the unique characteristics of its movement, which itself has been entirely made by hand, using only traditional techniques. As the name implies, the Central Balance Pure features just that; and its only through the caseback where it, and the Haldimann Escapement can be seen and appreciated.

To many this looks like a very beautiful but simple watch, but be in no doubt that this is an exceptional piece, and throughout, each and every detail is exquisitely crafted, and as his adoring collectors will be well aware, Haldimann often cloaks the complexity of his work with an eccentricity rarely seen, but uniquely Haldimann.

 As he epitomises what hand produced independent watchmaking can be about it is great to see this quietly spoken and unassuming master watchmaker being represented in the final selection. How can he expect to fare?

To be frank, and weighing up the competition, it could have a job on its hands. One one hand it might not have the presence of many of its rivals, but then on the other, what it does have is small scale watchmaking of the highest calibre, and the jury will doubtless be sympathetic to the actual horologic complexity. 

The Watch Press prediction

I don't see it winning the category, but I will qualify that by saying I would not be surprised nor disappointed if it did. 

The pertinents

CASE: Steel
BUCKLE: Pin buckle
MOVEMENT: Manual winding mechanical. Power reserve: 38 h, 21'600 vph
FUNCTIONS: Hours, Minutes
SIZE: ø 39 mm
THICKNESS: 10.8 mm