Hublot F1 King Power Suzuka - and that Senna/Prost Duel.



Hublot have just released details of their latest limited edition F1 piece, the Hublot F1 King Power Suzuka.  Last March Hublot announced that they were to become the "Official Watchmaker of F1" - the ultimate product placement for any watch brand - yet Hublot have been remarkably restrained with their F1 watch releases.  We have not been inundated with F1 race-inspired editions, quite the opposite in fact - astute marketing which has left fans of both F1 and Hublot just wanting more - until now.


........... The Suzuka circuit has been the backdrop for many end of season, edge of the sofa moments for F1 fans.  The circuit is a twisting figure of eight - just the sort of layout you would love to replicate with your scalextric track.  It's the one with the big ferris wheel and an even bigger history to match - perhaps best known for the Prost/Senna duels of 1989 and 1990.  In 1989 both were racing for the championship, both driving for McLaren and when Prost "turned-in" on Senna during an all-or-nothing overtaking move, Prost was off - Senna got back on track, drove the race of his life but was later excluded for cutting a chicane.  Prost went on to win the championship.  Fast forward to 1990, same circuit, same rivalry with the added bitterness of the events of the previous year's outcome.  Senna on pole but was denied his request to start the race on the "clean side" of the track and stated that if he was challenged going into the first corner by Prost he was not going to back-off.  He was challenged.  Both cars ended up in the sand-trap and Senna was champion. This was passionate racing, not the clinical corporate stuff we have become conditioned to today, it was damn-the-sponsors we want to win.  Missed it?  re-live it on YouTube..........


So a worthy circuit to honour with a new Hublot F1 piece then, and one which provides a new colourway for the latest King Power which looks more than tasty in Japan's red and white.  As always it is techy both in looks and the construction materials used to create it  - that brake disc inspired ceramic bezel with the chunky Hublot screws, the superb dial layout and that outstanding King Power case - it's all good.


The Hublot F1 King Power Suzuka comes presented on a Nomex/rubber combination strap and will be a limited edition of 250 pieces.



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