Hublot Will Be The Official Watch of Ferrari - But Who Wooed Who?



After an announcement at Mugello today, it is official - Hublot are to be partners with Ferrari.  Both are strong global brands, both bring a wealth of potential to this new business relationship. At the helm of both companies are two exceptional CEO's, who each have so much to offer that you would have to wonder - who wooed who?


Jean-Claude Biver, boss of Hublot has turned the fortunes of his watch company around and is a master of marketing who has developed strategic business partnerships where previously there were none.  Recently Hublot have become Official FIFA Timekeeper and the Official Watchmaker of Formula 1 - a cause of much frustration amongst other watch brands who had let both of these get away.   Luca di Montezemolo, CEO of Ferrari was one of Enzo's assistants in the seventies, since then he has successfully hot-footed his way from project to project under the corporate umbrella of FIAT.  He managed the committee of  the Italia 90 World Cup Finals, he headed up the team behind Italy's Team Azzurra challenge for the Americas Cup and just like M. Biver revived his business.



Ferrari are one of the world's most iconic products,  a product which  was waiting to be "perfectly-placed" in the horological world.  Previous  flirtations with Girard-Perregaux, Panerai and Cabestan fizzled out and hearts were broken.    If Ferrari were a girl, you would have to say she'd "been around a time or two..."  Hublot are experts in product placement,  when they come calling with red roses and chocolates few businesses, even the big ones could resist.  Ferrari will bring an adoring global "tifosi" and major showcase events worldwide, Hublot bring astute marketing knowledge and industry-savvy prowess.  Both brands can tap into eachother's high tech  materials and know-how. Whether you are a starry-eyed romantic, a cynic or somewhere betwixt and between, take note this one will have a happy ending.