Konstantin Chaykin Lunokhod Watch - Daggers, black rhodium and other manly stuff...


Just when you thought that every possible ingenious innovation for the design and presentation of the moonphase watch had been exhausted along comes a piece which is as unique as it is unusual.  Conceived and created by Konstantin Chaykin a Master Watchmaker based in Saint Petersburg, the piece is named Lunokhod in honour of Russia's pioneering moon rover launched in the seventies.


If it were possible to blend De Bethune's beautiful little spherical moonphase with Stepan Sarpaneva's devilishly impure Korona Moonshine then this would be the end product.  Although it is perhaps unfair to compare the Lunokhod to other timepieces because it is quite simply peerless.


The generous 50mm case of the Lunokhod is constructed from wootz, a granular material similar to Damascus steel which historically has been used by master bladesmiths in the manufacture of swords, daggers and other weaponry.  This is a truly manly man's watch.




In the dial centre is a striking 12mm wootz orb, static but covered with a black rhodium-plated silver mask, the movement of which represents the current phase of the moon.  Time is indicated on a 24 hour semi-circular scale with sun and moon indicators for day and night.  At 6 o'clock is a subdial displaying the minutes.  Substantial lugs frame then overlap the dial to form the lugs.


The movement is a manufactory calibre designed, created and patented by Konstantin Chaykin with hand polishing viewable through an exhibition caseback.  The exceptional Lunokhod comes presented on an ostrich leather strap.