Konstantin Chaykin Quartime - Apportions Time Most Beautifully.

AHCI member, Konstantin Chaykin has a new timepiece, the Konstantin Chaykin Quartime, a timepiece which seeks to remind us that the day is more pleasurable when it is defined - not just as a whole, but as four distinctions - hence the name "Quartime".



The Quartime apportions time in a most beautiful way.  Using revolving indicators it represents a day simplified into  four sections - morning, day, evening and night, to each of which 6 hours are given.  On its dial are 6 gold-rimmed apertures for the 6 hour indications and in an arc-shaped aperture on the lower dial is the designated day portion.  As each segment of the day ends, the mechanics take over, instantly changing both the hours and also the name in the day period aperture.  Time is also indicated centrally using superb shaped, blued hands and at 9 o'clock a small seconds dial rests atop the left dial apertures.


This is an exquisite watch face, with some finely detailed subtleties and contrasts - Guilloché, Snailing and Satin Brushing and the refinement of the rose gold rimming which defines, and divides the dial splendidly and which complements the rounded 40mm rose gold case.



Konstatin Chaykin is no stranger to unique dial arrangements and innovative means of time indication.  His Lunokhod watch is a striking timepiece - substantial lugs frame an equally substantial 50mm case.  First released in a granular wootz case - the stuff of swords and daggers, it is a truly manly wristwatch, and one which features a most impressive moon phase indication, a 12mm static, but covered wootz orb at the centre of the dial.


More recently, Mr. Chaykin reminded us of the traditional skill of horological micro-deception with his "mystery" Levitas collection - transparent front and back with floating hands and graduating Roman numerals, a confounding and beautiful  illusory vision.


Konstantin Chaykin has a history which is as unusual as the watches he creates.  Unlike many of his peers  he did not study at WOSTEP, unlike many of his peers he was not mentored by one of our great watchmaking Masters, and unlike many of his peers he did not gain his experience in repair and restoration.  Instead he taught himself watchmaking skills one step at a time, using manuals.  He is prolific too - he presented his first piece, a hand-made tourbillon clock in 2004 and since then has created a multitude of Manufacture calibres, and has acquired an abundance of patents, all whilst remaining an Independent Watchmaker.


Even more surprising, is the fact that all his achievements have taken place in Russia, where his Manufacture is still the only Russian-based producer of high-end watches - a location which is just about as far away as you can get from the watch industry's comfort zone of technical know-how.


This is a man who, although he never had the chance to become a watchmaker's apprentice, has passed that opportunity to other aspiring individuals in his own Manufacture in Moscow, where he as surrounded himself with a small team of highly talented like-minded individuals.


Get acquainted with this highly talented Master Watchmaker at his official website here.


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