Le Mans 2012 - Brundle, Brundle & Mille.



Hands up who likes Martin Brundle? It would be easier to count those who don't.  The man has had a distinguished racing career thus far - in Formula 3 he clashed with Ayrton Senna, finishing only a whisker width behind him in the 1983 championship.  In F1 he was a true racer, earning widespread respect, if not points and as an F1 pundit he still owns the tarmac with his already legendary gridwalks.  If F1 isn't your thing, fear not - this post is about the Le Mans 24 Hour Race and a highly technical watch brand called Richard Mille.


This weekend Mr. Brundle will return to the Circuit de la Sarthe for the most famous endurance race of all, among his team mates will be his son, Alex (in a very timely Father/Son Father's Day tootle around the track), and emblazoned on his car, his helmet, his race suit and most likely strapped to his wrist will be a Richard Mille watch with its monocoque and engine every bit as balanced as the Greaves Nissan-powered Zytek which Brundle Snr and Jnr will be taking turns to drive.



Martin Brundle and Richard Mille the man and Richard Mille the brand are not strangers, they are in fact good friends - an RM watch has oftened been seen peeking from beneath Mr. Brundle's slightly turned back cuff, while he carries out his other job as F1 TV commentator, observer and translator of technical jargon.  Richard Mille are partners  with the Biennial Le Mans Classic Race, so it is a natural progression that they should want to be part of the circuit's main event.


.......As it is with some of the best partnerships, the man loves the brand and the brand loves the man.


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