Linde Werdelin launch the new Oktopus II Double Date

The new Oktopus II Double Date from Linde Werdelin goes public today, in time for Baselworld 2012, with the very slick launch on YouTube of this fabulous new watch.  

Described by it's sporty creators on the clip (it is really cool to see the guys behind the watch explain it for us) as their own interpretation as to what the ideal dive watch would be.


Designed specifically in conjunction with the LW Reef Divers instrument in mind, it's design cues based upon the theory behind the diving bell, whose compartmental construction served to isolate and protect the diver from high atmosperic pressures and of course water penetration, the new Oktopus II Double Date pulls together all of Linde Werdelin's considerable know-how in the development and application of effective and dependable diving instruments.


Constructed in titanium, ceramic and gold to minimize the chance of corosion and with the movement completely ensealed into it's case, the new Oktopus II Double Date reminds us once again that Linde Werdelin are a very cool watch company who know that make seriously cool watches - because Morten Linde and Jorn Werdelin understand what's required of their watches in the field -  and when you're dealing with the exacting demands of the serious diver, you don't claim to have 'the best diving tool, with no compromise between function and style' if that's not what you've got.


We believe.