Marc Jenni Prologue WDT - R-evolutionary! Literally!

The new Marc Jenni Prologue WDT: R-Evolution  

Rev-o-lu-tion (n): a dramatic and wide-reaching change in attitudes, or operation. Rev-o-lu-tion (n): the movement of an object in a circular course around another. Ev-o-lu-tion (n): the process of gradual development.


Based on the above dictionary definitions, it is fair to say that in every meaning of the word, the superb new Marc Jenni Prologue WDT truly is R-Evolutionary.

The new Marc Jenni Prologue WDT: R-Evolution



The original Marc Jenni Prologue marked a Revolutionary concept in watchmaking. His new Prologue WDT is a natural Evolution of it’s ground-breaking heritage.


Watchmaking has historically sought to re-interpret existing horologic standards, and this pursuit has rewarded us with many, often fantastical, variations upon the theme of recording the passing of time in a practical and usable form.


Over the centuries, most, if not all, of these innovations have required a solution to/means of calibrating the functions and in this time, the constant method of correction has been through the ever present and multi-purpose crown device.


Where other watchmakers have concentrated on the layout and function and complication of the display, Marc Jenni set himself the unique challenge of re-engineering the perennially accepted crown-operated calibration solution, and in successfully achieving his objective, through the ingenious application of a push-button selector to determine function and turning ring to facilitate corrections, he created his signature Marc Jenni Prologue lateral-winding crownless timepiece.

Marc Jenni Prologue WDT

In dispensing with the crown, the young watchmaker had to ensure that his alternative would be practical, usable and even an improvement on the existing solution, and the Marc Jenni Prologue Collections have delivered handsomely on all of these demanding prerequisites.


The sensational new Marc Jenni Prologue WDT brings the watchmaker’s vision to a new and more accessible level. The case is formed in durable 316L stainless steel, sand-blasted to a naked satin finish with the only subtle contrast in the polished detail of the turning ring filets.

The Marc Jenni Prologue WDT

Each press of the selector button at the four o’clock position moves the three-pointed WDT indicator around to highlight the selected function: W for winding, D for the date correction and T for the setting of the time. Once the desired function has been chosen, The gentle rotation between thumb and forefinger of the Prologue’s signature turning ring transforms the otherwise jerky task of date and time correction into a wonderfully fluid operation. Adjustment is simply performed by smoothly rotating the turning ring until the action is complete.


The Prologue WDT dial features eye-catching concentric circle decoration in ardoise on brass, interrupted only by the sunrise and rays effect on the WDT register. Dial variations include black nickel or rhodium-plated hour segments and rhodium plated hands and hour markers.

The Marc Jenni Prologue WDT

Although it’s hard to fault the time-tested practicality of the side-mounted crown from both user and watchmaker’s points of view, it’s regular repeated use to correct the time, day, date or other variable ultimately leads to wear and tear over time on the delicate mechanism. However, in replacing the crown with the silky smooth combined actions of the Prologue WDT’s turning ring and push-button selector to adjust the time, date or to simply wind the automatic mechanical movement, Marc Jenni deftly eliminates/sidesteps the problem of inherent wear associated with the traditional crown and stem arrangement.


The new Marc Jenni Prologue WDT is presented on calf-skin leather with folding deployant clasp.


The Prologue WDT is a natural Evolution. It enriches the collection with an elegant, sporty and still very different and rare timepiece” - Marc Jenni