MB&F - Horological Machine No3 Frog

MB&F present a new piece - Horological Machine No3 Frog, an evolution of the MB&F HM3 series of watches.  

Mmm ... so should we file this one under fugly or fabulous? ...neither of course, this is another fine example of escapism from the restraints of traditional horology from the creative collective think-tank  known as Max Busser & friends or MB&F.



MB&F Horological Machine No.3 - Frogs



Indication of time is via two (relatively) huge domes crafted from aluminium placed beneath equally massive sapphire crystal domes which enable the wearer to view the time from almost any angle.  Fans of MB&F will be familiar with the MB&F HM3 Sidewinder and Starcruiser which displayed the hours and minutes also using cones, but the HM3 Frog required considerable reworking to achieve rotation of the hour dome in 12 hour rather than the previous 24 hour format of the HM3.


Rather like placing a lego chassis on a Bugatti Veyron the cheerfully blithe case of the HM3 Frog belies the complex engineering required to make this format work and I could waffle on about the technical achievement necessary to produce this unusual piece but really, the images speak volumes.  In reality it is a collectors piece, there to be appreciated for pushing the boundaries just a little bit further.


The MB&F Horological Machine No3 Frog is available in a limited release of 20 in titanium with a blue rotor and 12 pieces in black-coated titanium with a green rotor.