MB&F JwlryMachine

You may remember the fuss created by the MB&F Horological Machine No3 Frog when it was presented earlier this year (you can read my original article here).  It was a magnificent interpretation of the MB&F Horological Machine No3 (HM3) and was an incredible aptly-named bulbous-eyed technical sensation.  

The House of Boucheron, Paris were given the task of turning the HM3  N03 Frog into a haute-joaillerie piece.  Producing a be-jewelled frog would, of course have been much too easy, instead the French jewellers have created an exquisite shimmering owl.  If you like sparkling pieces you'll love this - if your eyes are sore, here is a sight for them!




Two versions will be released, an 18ct white gold piece with amethysts, diamonds and blue and violet sapphires....




......and an. 18ct red gold version with pink tourmalines, rose quartz, diamonds and pink sapphires.........




The pieces are pavé-set with brilliant-cut stones, so very little of the original piece is visible apart from the instantly recognisable time-indicating cones which form the owl's eyes.  The rotor can just about be seen beneath the stones set on the owl's breast which gives the impression that the opulent little fellow has in fact got a beating heart.  Maybe you think that for the price you will pay for something like this it would need to be alive........... maybe you think it's a little too ostentatious for our current global financial climate, maybe you think they should have spelled the name correctly.............. oh how cynical you are......  what this piece represents is a playful take on an extremely complicated technical timepiece, the end result is somewhere between a piece of art and a piece of jewellery, a charming wristwatch to behold and one which should not be analysed too much, unless you're a gemologist looking for inspiration for your next collection.


The MB&F JwlryMachine is available to order with  individual customised pieces expected to be an option.