Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec Chronograph Anniversary Edition



Montblanc add to their collection a celebratory piece, the Montblanc Ricolas Rieussec Chronograph Anniversary Edition watch.  Writing or indeed reading a watch review often involves a "free" history lesson.  No other industry commemorates important historical events quite so ardently and beautifully as the watchmaking business does.


Nicolas Rieussec was not only a talented young watchmaker, but also a man of vision.  His inquisitive mind led him to wonder how much more accurately a sporting event such as horseracing could be recorded, if only there were a device capable of registering the time of each horse as they completed an event.  In 1822 at Champ de Mars, a Parisian event, M. Rieussec tested his creation, a device  consisting of a box inside which a movement powered two dials which turned while the minute and seconds hands remained still.  At the push of a button when each horse crossed the finish line, an ink-tipped hand would leave a mark on a dial leaving it possible to time each one more or less accurately.  The French Patent Office granted the invention a patent that same year, an invention which we have since  become more than  familiar with, and one which the young man aptly named "chronograph", because it was quite literally a time-writing device.


The revolving dials of Rieussec's Chronograph are replicated in the Montblanc tribute piece - both the 60-seconds and the 30-minute counters are secured wiith a substantial bridge, they rotate while the counter hands remain fixed.  The hours and minutes dial is off-centred and around the edge of its skeletonised centre is a date indicator.  Fine guilloche decoration and blued screws complete the superb dial finishing.  Further fine details..... a mother-of-pearl Montblanc emblem appears in miniature on the crown and on the case side the chrono pushpiece is located in a tamper-free location, at 8 o'clock.





The MB R110 movement features an authentic column-wheel chronograph with a modern twist, its vertical coupling ensures friction free running even over long periods, and innovative design of the teeth of the going train components reduce wear and ensure that the power is transmitted efficiently.  Twin barrels power this hand-wound calibre producing 72 hours of reserve, and a traveller-friendly function allows quick-set of the hour hand and date indication in either direction without damaging the mechanism.


The Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec Chronograph Anniversary Editon is available in 18-carat gold - 190 pieces, 18-carat white gold with black dial and white numerals - 90 pieces and platinum - 25 pieces all presented on alligator leather strap.