New Edition Chopard L.U.C. - The Continuity .... Continues

New Edition Chopard L.U.C. - The Continuity .... Continues

Watchmaking - it's quite an industry.  Despite the technological achievements, the new cutting-edge techniques and the futuristic space-age construction materials, there is still an underlying respect for the traditional methods and a desire for continuity.  This respect for heritage is evident in a very classical collection within the Chopard portfolio - the L.U.C.

In 1860 a young watchmaker established his business in the Swiss town of Sonvilier, there he formed a reptutation for the creation of high precision movements, many to Chronometre standard, which were of superlative quality.  The ambitious young fellow was Louis-Ulysse Chopard.

More than one hundred and thirty years later, in 1996, a new in-house movement was named in his honour - that Calibre, the L.U.C. 1.96 was notable not only for its accuracy, but also the awarding of the prestigious Stamp of Geneva, an accolade M. Chopard would have certainly approved of - this honorary title was given despite the fact Chopard has been orphaned from its founding  family since the  Scheufele's took the reins in the 1960's, yet the continuity... continues.

Now a new piece has been added to the collection, the Chopard L.U.C. XPS Platinum Geneva edition, to celebrate the opening of a new Genevan boutique, one which features a particularly magnificent blue dial.

Strictly limited to 25 pieces, with a 39.5mm platinum case which promises to wear slender on the wrist, the Chopard L.U.C. XPS Platinum is Geneva Seal approved inside and out.

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