New Year Resolution - Simplify Time With A Single-Hand Watch From MeisterSinger



When Manfred Brassler founded MeisterSinger in 2001, he did so with a strong conviction to simplify time, to bring the indication of time back to its fundamental basics, therefore most, but not all, of his timepieces feature a large clean dial with a single long tapering hand.  With a MeisterSinger single-hand watch the seconds become minutiae - trivia to be ignored, only the minutes and hours are considered to be important.  For individuals who are obsessed with fussy timekeeping, this could be a liberating experience - a horological enlightenment.


It's elementary - each MeisterSinger single-hand watch has 144 markers around a 12-hour dial, each of which corresponds to five minutes, with longer markers for 15 and 30 minute indications.  Each dial has a clear systematic composition, an orderliness maintained by double digit hour numerals.  Everything produced by MeisterSinger has rationality which serves to placate - the measuring instrument aesthetics, lots of empty dial space - even the brand's logo represents the fermata, which in the language of music invites the player to pause briefly, promotes the chilled-out ethos, yet the message is a strong one - the creation of "harmony and deceleration of time".



The collection which began with just four product lines in 2001, has grown and a broad portfolio of watches are now on offer including  three-hand styles and timepieces with added functions - on-the-dial clutter which curiously does not diminish the pure styling, even these pieces remain instantly recognisable.  Good design does not go unnoticed, and MeisterSinger watches have been awarded an enviable list of accolades including five Red Dot Design awards between 2004 and 2010.


According to the brand's website, many MeisterSinger owners "love their watch so much, because they feel very relaxed when they look at it.  They have the feeling that the watch slightly decelerates their rhythm of life"..... 2012 here we come.


More details at the MeisterSinger official website.