Nomos Zürich Watch - Good Design Award 2011

This is the Nomos Zürich watch, a supreme example of minimalist styling.  It has just been awarded the Good Design Award 2011 - proof that in an industry interspersed with complications and decorations, wristwatches with  pure and simple functionality are still meritorious.


Nomos are a Glashütte-based manufacture, founded in 1991 -  a youthful brand then, and one with a reassuringly fresh attitude to not only the manufacturing and design of their timepieces, but also to marketing, communication - even the care of its employees.  Roland Schwertner has organically grown his company from one with only three employees to an enviable manufactory producing a portfolio of beautifully designed, understated "timeless" pieces.  It is difficult to pinpoint exactly what it is that makes these watches special - many would describe them as nondescript.  Perhaps, in this case it would be true to say that sometimes the unremarkable can be truly remarkable.


The Nomos Zürich has a 39.7mm stainless steel case, with a simplicity which belies its complex octopartite construction.  On the white silver-plated dial are elongated markers and eyelash-slim hands.  The piece is so-named in honour of its Swiss designer, the late Hannes Wettstein.


Nomos are no strangers to accolades having previously won both the iF Product Design Award and the Red Dot Award.


More at the Nomos Official Website.


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