Roger Smith is Awarded the British Horological Institute Silver Medal


Roger Smith has been awarded the British Horological Institute's Barrett Silver Medal, their highest honour, for his "Dedication to and successfully continuing the finest traditions of English Watchmaking".


In his acceptance speech, Roger recalled his days spent as a student at Manchester's School of Horology, where he quickly realised that he "had been gripped by this fascinating and multi faceted occupation of horology".  In 1989 Roger received another BHI accolade, the Bronze Award for "The Most Outstanding Student of the Year".

Roger Smith creates handmade, unique timepieces which are known by collectors throughout the world for their outstanding and meticulous attention to detail.  Famously inspired and mentored by the late George Daniels, Roger was himself chosen by Mr. Daniels to collaborate with him on the Co-Axial Anniversary Wristwatch series.  British Watchmaking is experiencing something of a renaissance at this time and Roger Smith is one individual who has been credited with raising the profile of what was once considered to be a "lost" skill.  It is perhaps quite appropriate then that those present to hear Mr. Smith speak on receipt of this award were new BHI members and recently successful exam candidates who Mr. Smith referred to as the "future face of British Horology".


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