Saskia Maaike Bouvier - The 8 Moons Collection


Saskia Maaike Bouvier was my favourite rising star of the industry last year.  BaselWorld 2010 launched her first collection, L’Heure d’Eté & d’Hiver – Summer & Winter Time, complex yet playful, a triumph for the young ACHI candidate.  So after a collection which featured both summer and winter time displays, a declined dial with superb seasonal laser engraving what comes next?  How do you follow up a collection which is essentially earthly? - with something completely celestial, of course.  One with 8 moons on its dial.  A watch which "displays the progression of the moon's phases for each day of the week", each of which will light up at night fall.


Like her last collection, this is at 45mm a big piece, but is cleverly curvy so it will suit smaller wrists.  The declined dial is partly openworked, the rim is plain, polished, rounded.  You can have stainless steel or gold case with either pastel pink or dark grey colourway choices.


Having seven days notice of the impending full moon has obvious advantages for those women who are somewhat "sensitive" to the effects of the lunar cycle.  The concept is creative, the design is ingenious and imaginative.  It is a worthy addition to the portfolio of Saskia Maaike Bouvier in her pursuit of the creation of complicated watches "from a woman for women".


Up and coming pieces by this young talent are the Yin time and the Yang time and an 8 Moons jewellery piece.  Both are collaborations with the artist/designer André Meyer more information at Saskia's own website.