Steven Goetz Watch3

Every so often a watch which falls into the category of quirky and unique comes to my attention.  Immediately my morning is enlivened, suddenly all thoughts of calibres and complications disappear and for once it is enough just to look and appreciate the function and form generated by ingenious design.  The Watch3 by Bern-based designer Steven Goetz is one such piece.

The hour is only visible when the  broad hour hand passes under each  numeral with the figures printed onto the underside of the sapphire crystal white-on-white, conspicuous only as a shadowy presence.

The purity of the dial is complimented by an extra trim bezel and an absence of  pronounced lugs, whilst a petite stud-like crown leaves the design uncluttered.  A liberal coating of Luminova on the dial ensures night time readablilty.

The stainless steel watchcase measures 38mm and the piece is powered by an ETA quartz movement. The Steven Goetz Watch3 is a limited edition of 100 pieces available from the designer's web site.