That's A Cool Graham You Have There, Graham.


Graham watches have a new ambassador, IndyCar Series driver Graham Rahal.  As Brand ambassadors go, he's quite a catch - the youngest pole winner in the Series to date, he is a youthful and talented driver.  Graham maybe the son of Bobby Rahal, the CART supremo but he is quickly making a name for himself on the track.  And he is a self-confessed watch enthusiast.


Graham Rahal joins the growing list of  "Graham People" - quite an eclectic mix of individuals.  Ross Brawn F1 maestro times his team to perfection with his Tourbillograph Trackmaster, Mike Tindall leaves his Swordfish in the locker before scrumming down with the England Rugby team, motorcycle roadracer Guy Martin can just about squeeze his Chronofighter beneath his racing leathers and can probably disassemble it too, Jay Kay grooves with his Chronofighter Classic Black and super chef Marco Pierre White?  he will never overcook an egg as long as he's wearing his rather dapper red gold and black Swordfish PVD Carbide.

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