The Adore Tutti Frutti by Rodolphe Cattin. The Most Voluptuous Watch This Year So Far.


Since having a look-back at the spectacular Graham Swordfish Ali Baba Limited Edition in all its rainbow spectrum of glory, it would be simply rude not to mention Rodolphe Cattin's Adore Tutti Frutti.


Diamonds, sapphires, rubies and tsavorites provide the sparkle but it is the design of this piece that shines through.  The curvesome sofa-shaped case and those four little orbs taking the place of traditional horns make for an ingenious, captivating and uniquely feminine watch.  On the mother-of-pearl dial are two counters, both very different in style, each tell the time for a different timezone.  Is it modern? Yes.  Retro? Yes. The most voluptuous watch released this year?  Without doubt.


Rodolphe announced his return to the watch industry in 2010 having freed himself from the constraints of working and designing pieces for other renowned brands with the launch of Manufacture Rodolphe Cattin (MRC) conceived and co-founded with Thomas Meyer.  Find out more at the MRC website.