The Ball Trainmaster Celsius


Is it a bit parky out there today?  The Ball Trainmaster Celsius watch will let you know whether to wrap up warm or strip off the layers if you're a bit partial to the elements.  It features a "TMT" function or mechanical thermometer module, displayed on the dial in an arc-shaped indicator at 6 o'clock with increments of 5°C.  It's accurate too. 97% accurate and this clever little addition is capable of measuring temperatures between -35°C to 45°C.  This is not a gimmick, it is a perfectly usable function with all the practicality and reliability synonymous with every thing that the Ball Watch Company produce.  Forming part of the Trainmaster collection, the stainless steel case measures 41mm across.  Inside is the Ball 9018 automatic calibre.


The Ball Trainmaster Celsius is a commemorative watch created in honour of Anders Celsius, the inventor of the modern temperature scale who was born 310 years ago, hence the piece is a limited edition of just 310 pieces.