The Bremont B1 Marine Clock Ronnie Wood Limited Edition



Bremont and Ronnie Wood have been working together and the result is a richly decorated limited edition Bremont B1 Marine clock.


It's not often the Watch Press have the opportunity to comment on clocks, but this is one that we cannot ignore.  Ronnie Wood, gutsey, bluesy guitar player with the Rolling Stones, wing-man to "Keef",  is also an accomplished artist and Bremont's Nick and Giles English are the refreshingly enthusiastic revivers of British Watchmaking so you would have to say that this is quite a combination, of both talents and personalities.


The Bremont B1 Marine Clock is a terrific creation.  Taking inspiration from John Harrison's Ship Chronometers, Bremont have brought the device bang up to date while preserving the characteristics which made the originals so brilliant.  The piece displays hours, minutes and seconds for local time, the date, home time, GMT, power reserve and voyage time measured in days and hours.  Inside, the movement which uses an English lever escapement and twin fusee construction, will run for 40 days when fully wound.  The water-tight case measures 30cm across and is designed to be either wall mounted or placed on a stand.


The B1 Marine Clock is a handmade piece, built in limited numbers and is a project, which I'm guessing, is one which the Bremont boys undertook more for pleasure than for profit....... an incredible canvas then on which Mr.Wood could unleash his artistic talents - both the dial and the internal case of each wall clock will be hand-painted by the artist, adding originality to an already unique timepiece.



The limited edition piece shown is the first in the series of B1 "Art"  clocks with more to follow in a collaboration which showcases the talents of both Bremont and Ronnie Wood beautifully.


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