The Bremont Victory Watch - More Resourceful Requisitions From Messrs. English


It hasn't been released yet, it hasn't even been perfected yet, but the Bremont Victory Watch will be built using original parts from HMS Victory.  Yes the Bremont Boys have some genuine wood and copper from Nelson's Flagship and they aren't afraid to use it - but the question remains... how did they manage to get it in the first place?


Of course a battleship dating from 1765 will require a bit of maintenance from time to time, in fact its is undergoing a dry dock refit at the moment.  Perhaps it is no suprise that Nick and Giles English have managed to charm the head honchos at the National Museum of the Royal Navy at Portsmouth to get their hands on the precious materials, they are, after all as enthusiastic as school boys when it comes to this sort of stuff and they have done something similar before with their Bremont P-51 which used metal from a 1944 Mustang WWII aircraft in its construction.



Judging from the image, the Bremont Victory Watch will be a rather dapper chronograph with twin retrogrades for the seconds and the date.  The off-white dial is cleanly laid out and features orderly small-ish numerals with lots of dial space around them - notes taken from their superb B1 Marine Clock.  On the case side are a neatly tucked-in crown and pushers.


The Bremont Victory Watch will be officially unveiled onboard HMS Victory on July 12th and part of the proceeds will help to preserve the vessel for the future.


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