The BRM Records TB - From the "Garagistas" of Watchmaking



This is the Records TB 10 000 Tours watch from BRM.  The brand state that "no other watch in the world is so impregnated with mechanical sports"  - you have my attention Monsieur Richards.


The watches produced by  BRM have a divine mix of vintage cars, motorsport and horology - these are small series, hand made pieces produced in a small workshop by a team of craftsmen and women committed to upholding the reputation of the company name, a manufacturing process reminiscent of the small scale production of the finest sports cars of years gone by.  It's a comparison that simply has to be made. From the complex case construction to the unique screws, even the most miniscule component is created on-site, a process which results in a portfolio of individually unique watches.


The man behind BRM is Bernard Richards. When he founded his watchmaking brand, unusually located in France, he did so in contrast to the manufactures over the border in Switzerland, what he created is the antithesis of mass-production, a workshop akin to the "Garagistas" of the automotive industry.



BRM's boss is a self-taught designer with a love of motorsport and automotive engineering, evident in the use of chequered flag motifs on cases and straps and in the construction of engine-shaped parts - forget chrono pushers shaped like air-ducts, this brand build watch parts similar to engine bits for functionality not aesthetics - like integrated shock absorbers. It is not just the praise-worthy ethos of this brand that will impress, these are unusual watches - each model features complex cases onto which the lugs are then screwed, this lends itself to contrasting finishes and a level of personalisation which other brands are unable to offer.  The brand are also unique in the industry for having a web site which is a pleasure to visit, one which true petrolheads will be unable to resist, turn up the volume on your system and enjoy (link at the end of this article).



The BRM Records TB watch has a sculpted case which when worn displays the time at the perfect angle for readability while driving, most useful when a quick flick of the wrist could send you into the nearest ditch at a high speed.  A true driver's watch then, and one that looks great, is great.


Inside is a ETA 2671 which required heavy modification so it could operate at a 90 degree angle.   That unusual case measures 44 x 25.5mm and is made from titanium and stainless steel with the addition of some very tasty carbon fibre plates.  On the black dial are red hour, minute and seconds hands with the outsize 12-4-8 numerals synonymous with BRM.  The watch is named 10 000 Tours in tribute to Dix Mille Tours which has just completed a second successful season of classic racing on a mix of old and new European circuits.


The BRM Records TB 10 000 Tours watch will be a limited edition piece, each presented on a superb perforated leather strap with contrasting stitching.


More info at the BRM official web site.

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