The Christophe Claret Adagio Watch

The Christophe Claret Adagio is the second timepiece presented by the Master Watchmaker.  His first, the DualTow was a bold and powerful debut, a highly technical piece featuring a number of complications, a synopsis of his skills gained thus far.  His second piece, the Adagio oozes refinement and is so different from its predecessor that were it not for M.Claret's name on the dial you would be inclined to dispute its genealogy.

Christophe Claret is a man who considers the tourbillon to be an entry level complication.  One of his specialities is the development and manufacture of chiming watches of the purest sound. The Cathedral Gongs contained within the Adagio's Calibre SLB88 strike the hours, quarters and minutes on demand without the slightest vibration thanks to a patented system.  On the dial is a second time zone at 2 o'clock with day and night indicator, a seconds display at 9 o'clock and large date at 6 o'clock.  The hammers and gongs acoustically signal the hours with a low pitch, the quarter-hours with alternating low and high-pitched tones and the minutes with a high pitched tone.  Clumsy fingers will not be an issue, the clever winding stem on the Adagio will disconnect when the mainspring is fully wound.

Christophe Claret has been a principle developer and manufacturer of high-end complicated movements for some of the most prestigious brand names in the business for more than twenty years; that he considers the production of pieces such as this one as a mere diversification to the recent economic downturn is somewhat alluring.  His talents of Master Watchmaker are combined with astonishing business acumen, strengths which do not always go hand-in-hand.  His strategy for the future includes investment in the development of pioneering machinery so when eventually equilibrium returns, his company will be already be equipped with the tools necessary.

The Christophe Claret Adagio is available in 44mm 18 carat white gold, 18 carat rose gold or platinum case with hand-guilloché, gemset or rhodiumed anthracite gold dial.  Production will be limited to 8 pieces of each dial and case version.