The Daniel Strom Memento Mori Carpe Diem - Gothic Styling Skulls and Other Halloween Stuff


Halloween?  It's the perfect excuse for us to indulge in some blatant product placement and bring you images of  Daniel Strom's Memento Mori Carpe Diem.  The piece was released last year and forms part of the Strom Agonium collection -  it's arty, spooky, curious and strangely appealing.......





At the time of its release I recall some disagreeable reviews for this piece, which is what you expect with such a strongly styled watch, if it's eerie stuff we're talking, I prefer the more subtle wickedly seductive Sarpaneva Korona Moonshine watch, but on the global scale of horology there has to be something for everyone, and this one will please more than a few.  As for the name, well Guinness have been telling us to "seize the day" for a year or two but the "Memento Mori" simply means remember your mortality or put simply ..... you will die.


Limited edtions of the watch are available in silver, gold, palladium or platinium.  Inside is the Automatic 2824 Calibre.  Each is presented on an alligator strap and the skull theme continues with the addition of a miniature skull on the buckle.



In addition to the limited edtion releases, the Daniel Strom Memento Mori Carpe Diem is available for personalisation, what you say goes.



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