The Dent Ministry Evolution Chronograph - Authoritarian, Traditional and ...... Somewhat Sporty.

Dent London have released details of a new limited edition watch, the Dent Ministry Evolution Chronograph.  

Open the home page of the Dent website and you will be bombarded with facts, names and dates.  This is a company which in stating that their watches have "Two hundred years of British history packed into every single one" are in fact downplaying the whole kit, caboodle and shebang.



Whether you work, rest or play in London you will see evidence of Edward Dent's existence.  In their History lessons your children will be taught about noteworthy events, people and places which will in some way or another involve a Dent timepiece.  2012 promises to be a hoopla year for London, and since 1814 this is the brand which timed it/architected it/invented it.



Everything in the Dent portfolio is produced in small series editions and the portfolio itself is also limited to just three collections.  Of these, the Ministry finds the middle ground, being less elegantly styled than the Denison and less "Big Ben" than the Parliament.  There is a touch of sportiness in the rounded 43mm case giving it a modern appearance, yet there is an air of authority in those elongated Roman numerals and despite the counters, a certain traditional clockmaking openness to its face.


Inside the Dent Ministry Evolution Chronograph is the automatic Dent Calibre 201 with 42 hours of power reserve and the edition will be limited to 250 pieces worldwide.


More information on this watch and a look-back at the Biver-esque marketing and promotion achievements of the young Edward Dent (not to mention his ingenious inventions) visit the official Dent website.