The Eberhard Extra-fort Roue à Colonnes Grande Date 125ème Anniversaire -'Tis More a Whisper, Than a Shout.



This is the Eberhard Extra-fort Roue à Colonnes Grande Date 125ème Anniversaire.


So, 125 years have passed since a young George-Emile Eberhard founded his watchmaking business in La Chaux-de-Fonds.  During this time his company has become intrinsically linked with the chronograph.  Eberhard & Co created the first wrist-watch with a chronograph counter (1938), and a Flyback (1939), and in more recent times produced the Chrono 4, the horological equivalent of a straight-four engine block with its counters neatly lined up horizontally across the dial.  The acclaimed Italian race car driver Tazio Nuvolari strapped an Eberhard to his wrist back in the day when a celebrity could openly favour a watch brand without being paid to do so and in 1992 the brand began production of a collection in his honour.  So it is entirely appropriate that the release of  their anniversary celebratory pieces should, of course include a chronograph or two....


The Extra-Fort collection dates back to the 1950's and Eberhard & Co wisely have not fiddled with its styling too much, in fact, in keeping with almost the entire portfolio there is a certain undefinable vintage quirkiness to the watches offered by this brand.  On the dial the numbers 1-2-and-5 give symbolism to the birthday celebrations with further commemorative script below that fantastic brand logo - subtle inclusions, but then this is a brand which is more inclined to whisper than shout about its achievements.




Inside is an automatic Valjoux Calibre 7750 Column-Wheel Chronograph movement, with an engraved rotor in honour of the occasion which is viewable through the exhibition caseback.  Two limited edition 41mm case choices will be available, 500 pieces in steel, 125 pieces in 18 carat gold with either silver or black dial.


The Eberhard Extra-fort Roue à Colonnes Grande Date 125ème Anniversaire will be available for purchase later in the year.


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Two variations of that neat Chrono 4 dial layout - the Géant Limited Edition or the  BADBOY (... and yes, that's really what it's called )