The Girard-Perregaux Shadow New York

Girard-Perregaux release a new piece to add to their highly successful Worldtimer series, the Shadow New York.  The manufacture has recently opened its first American boutique at 701 Madison Avenue New York and the new piece celebrates this historical event for the brand. The Shadow was first presented in 2008 featuring an aesthetic upgrade with a striking black ceramic watchcase and a slight re-working of the case shape resulting in shortened strap lugs.  The GP03387 movement which powers the piece enables display of the twenty-four timezones, the date and flyback chronograph functions simultaneously.


The collection is particularly versatile for watch manufacturers with regard to exclusive releases, with twenty-four locations to choose from, just highlight whichever city, town etc is connected with whatever you're celebrating and there you go - limited editions made easy.

You cannot blame Girard-Perregaux for revisiting their again and again, it is without doubt one of the most legible and usable worldtimer dial designs around.  When the brand were partners with Ferrari, I desperately wanted to own one of the Worldtimer Ferrari F1 titanium models, not so much because of the connection with the iconic Italian marque, but because the red/white GMT ring design looked stunning and so much better than the blue/red "pepsi" GMT ring also available.  There was no other indication on the dial that this was a special edition other than the subtle use of the word Maranello highlighted in red.  The Shadow New York  uses a similar red/white GMT ring design with the location of New York highlighted in red.

The Girard-Perregaux Shadow New York is an ultra-exclusive release of just 10 pieces.