The Girard-Perregaux White Ceramic


Gerard-Perregaux have a new edition of their acclaimed world timer watch, the Girard-Perregaux Chronograph White Ceramic and true to form, it's a handsome devil.



GP really do make a superb world timer, it's a favourite and why not?  With 24 instantly readable timezones plus a chronograph function, it is practical, useable and has foolproof operation as standard, thanks to its ingenious design.  Girard-Perregaux's designers have added some very trick styling to the collection of late, releasing some highly desirable limited edition pieces, including the tuxedo-esque Panda and it's polar opposite, the almost blacked out Dark Night


Last November I reviewed  the Girard-Perregaux Cabinet de Curiosités Thomas Erber, an almost unattainable release of just 5 pieces and I stated that such exhibitions encourage design departments to exercise creativity and I expressed my hope that elements of such showcase pieces would eventually filter down into mainstream portfolios - I was right - sort of.... yes, GP have used that piece as inspiration for the White Ceramic - and no ... this one is hardly mainstream, after all, only 20 pieces will be made.



The original has been tweaked with some subtleties, the choice white ceramic case with contrasting black rubber pushers and crowns remain providing optimum contrast, but whereas the "Thomas Erber" had a more neutral middle dial with white counters, this one offers the added distinction of black counters.  The press release describes the addition of smoked sapphire, although the images of the earlier 5 piece edition appeared positively sultry in comparison.


Quash any views you may have about the femininity of a white ceramic case, this watch at 43mm across and with its robust construction is as manly as ever, and if you have the resources and the connections to manage to strap one to your wrist, then hats off, have courage, wear with pride.


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