The Graham Swordfish Booster Iris - Techy. Trippy.



In complete contrast to our drab Winter weariness, Graham London have just released images of their new Graham Swordfish Booster Iris.  Graham watches are unusual.  Graham watches have wrist presence. It is not often that a wristwatch is so brightly coloured that it gives you a poke in the eye, but the Swordfish Booster Iris does just that.


How rude of me not to mention Graham watches in my previous article in regard to English Watchmaking and its current revival.  After all, George Graham was a true horological innovator.  The re-awakening of the Graham name in watchmaking under the watchful eye of Eric Loth has been a successful one and with an ethos of developing new ideas and a habit of thinking way outside the box, is a company worthy of its historical title.



This is a kaleidoscopic wristwatch.  Is it loud?  Yes.  A sensory overload?  Nope.  It is not easy on the eye, at each glance you will seek and find new combinations of colours.  Of course there is a "science bit" as to how the PVD coated case came to look like this but I digress towards wondering how will it look in daylight?  How animated will it look under bright lights? candle light?  What reactions will it get from on-lookers?  This watch is definately less Dave Gilmour, more Syd Barrett - it's a perfect mix of trippy and techy.



All the Swordfish features are there, encased in a boldly styled 48mm steel case - the fabulous and fugley loupes which serve as 30 min and 12 hour counters, the outsize numerals and the big grippy pushers.  Inside is the G1710 Automatic Bi-Compax Chronograph movement with 48 hours of power reserve.


The reaction-producing Graham Swordfish Booster Iris comes presented on a green croco leather strap with black ceramic pin buckle.


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