The Hamilton Time Player Watch

Hamilton present a new unconventional piece - the Hamilton Time Player. It's always refreshing to take a look at something a bit quirky and avant-garde and the latest piece by Hamilton certainly falls into this category.  Taking influences from the lines of longitude and latitude the piece forms a large nine square composition a bit like a tic-tac-toe grid.  Eight of the nine squares have movable counters, four of which have time displays with the other four having the corresponding name of the location of each of these timezones printed on them.  Each of the locations Dubai, New York and Tokyo are printed in colours which match that of their time displays which avoids confusion and enlivens the huge dial.  The time of the wearer's current location is displayed with the Hamilton logo alongside.

To set the time in a timezone, move the dial which corresponds to that location to the square in the centre and adjust using the crown.  You may remember those sliding picture puzzles from your childhood, well this piece is the perfect antidote to any bad memories of those cheaply made objects of frustration - all of the counters can be moved and jumbled up at will, possibly the ultimate stress-buster?

The Hamilton Time Player is constructed from titanium and comes presented on a black rubber strap.  The watchcase measures a massive 48mm by 42mm so don't wear it with your best shirt - this is sure to be a cuff-shredder.