The Linde Werdelin 3 Timer With Gold Accents - Linde Werdelin + Subtle Cosmetic Changes = Mild Hubbub².

  Linde Werdelin have added to their 3 Timer Collection with the Linde Werdelin 3 Timer Microbillé and the 3 Timer Gold Accents, pictured here.



Linde Werdelin are only ten years old, yet in that time they have become the darlings of the watch media with their fresh, energetic and original approach to everything from the design of their watches through to their unique multi-media marketing.  So much so, that when a new model is added to their portfolio it provokes a journalistic frenzy.  Even subtle cosmetic changes will ensure ripples of mild hubbub, such is the case with the new additions to the 3 Timer Collection.


In the design of high-end sports watches there are basically two eras, Pre-Genta and Post-Genta, and in the latter you will find, if you look for them, references to the late designers most famous watches.  This is not a snub on modern-day watches nor their creators, simply an indication of the importance that Gérald Genta had, to what has become a highly competitive niche of our industry. The same rings true with the 3 Timer watch, seek out authentic design elements and you will be rewarded -  but the overwhelming characteristic is originality - the unexpected abrupt angles, the squared-off edges, slants and slopes - deviations from the norm which shouldn't work, but just .... do.



The piece is so-named because it offers the ability to display the time in three different locations, via the use of the central hour hand, the GMT hand (with arrow-tip) and the bi-directional 24 hour bezel.


The "gold accents" are subtle, but work perfectly against that textured dial, which the brand term "sunray" but which is, in fact closer to the patterns which appear on a  radar screen.  The crown, semi-hidden by its angular guard has also been highlighted with gold.


The remarkable Linde Werdelin 3 Timer with Gold Accents, a limited release of 48 pieces is joined by the even more exclusive 3 Timer Microbillé, limited to 25 pieces.


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