The Linde Werdelin Oktopus II Rose Gold

Remember the Linde Werdelin Oktopus II Titanium Blue?  It had a title which rolled off the tongue, and was a deep-dialed vision of icy titanium and pelagic blue, and the original piece which we reviewed after its Baselworld launch?  That was a sculpted screamer, in black DLC paired with vibrant yellow.  Perhaps you may think that a rose gold bezel should help to tame this impressive timepiece?  Well - no. It is as remarkable as ever.  With a new richness face-on, it affirms it's thalassic DNA even further, offering an almost porthole-like panorama.  If  Neptune was a dapper and stylish young King, then this is the one he would choose to wear in the depths.



All the design elements which make this watch a cult classic of the future look superb with the inclusion of precious metal.  The depth of the 2-layered dial, with its octopus form laser-cut and resting atop the ripples beneath, the big date displayed on twin wheels which add "eyes" to the little fellow's sucker-bearing arms - and the theme continues, with Morte Linde's quite beautiful drawing of an octopus engraved onto the caseback.



Of course, this is a highly technical piece.  The case is complex in the extreme and is designed to last – it uses the theory behind the diving bell whose compartmental engineering served to isolate and protect the diver from both water pressures and penetration.  Uniquely it has a fixed bezel – elapsed dive time and all sorts of other useful information are displayed on the highly acclaimed LW Reef which connects to the piece when diving.  In its creation, Linde Werdelin who will soon celebrate a decade in the business, have redefined the Divers watch, having developed a new and innovative approach of how a Diver’s watch should display information and with abrupt angles, squared-off edges, slants and slopes, how a Diver's watch can look.



This is at 44mm a big piece, but as seen on even a girly wrist at Salon QP, it’s sculpted form is designed to hug the wrist.  Inside is a a highly finished Dubois Dépraz  automatic movement custom-made for this collection.


The Linde Werdelin Oktopus II Rose Gold edition is limited to 88 pieces and is now available for purchase.



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