The MB&F Moonmachine

  No headline, no tag line, just WOW .... the MB&F Moonmachine.




When Maximilian Büsser dreams he has visions of watches - not as you and I imagine them to be, but as fantastical, whimsical triumphs of haute horlogerie - and these are just his day dreams.  By night he slumbers soundly, safe in the knowledge that his "friends" - watchmakers, retailers and collectors will continue to help him achieve that which many would consider to be impossible.


The MB&F Horological Machine No3 Frog was unveiled two years ago, revealing itself as a technical, bulbous-eyed sensation.  Later that year the House of Boucheron blinged it, transforming the frog into an opulent little owl with a beating heart.  In the hands of Stephan Sarpaneva there could be no doubt that he would take the extraordinary piece and imprint it with something of his own character.  Most Moon Phase indications are heavenly and exquisite, but there is nothing pure or innocent about Stephan Sarpaneva's devilish little moon man, thematic of himself, his country and its folklore.


Like its HM3 predecessors, the Moonmachine indicates the hours and minutes using two terrific time-indicating domes.  Beneath a large aperture a gold and steel winding rotor has been laser-pierced to replicate the constellations of the Northern skies allowing light to penetrate through each tiny perforation adding spirit, as if it were needed.  Above the rotor is a rotating disc on which rest the two hand finished moon faces.  A Korona-shaped aperture displays a wicked little portion, depending on the current lunar phase.




That something so unique should be in unlimited supply would be simply inappropriate.  Naturally the MB&F Moonmachine will be restricted to just three editions, titanium, black titanium and red gold and 18 pieces of each will be available.


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