The MB&F Poison Dart Frog

  The MB&F Horological Machine No3 Frog offers escapism from the restraints of traditional horology - complex, playful and highly collectable.  Now there is a new addition to the HM3 family, exclusively available for purchase from the Hour Glass and taking design inspiration from a small South American creature.  This is the MB&F Poison Dart Frog watch.



The MB&F Horological Machine No3 Frog was unveiled two years ago, revealing itself as a technical, bulbous-eyed sensation.  Having conquered the complicated engineering required to make what, on paper, must have seemed nigh on impossible - the structure of the huge dome indications and the transmission of power which they would require, now MB&F can have some fun.  This is a timepiece which lends itself perfectly to thematic variations.  The House of Boucheron blinged it, transforming the frog into an opulent little owl with a beating heart.  In the hands of Stephan Sarpaneva there could be no doubt that he would take the extraordinary piece and imprint it with something of his own character.  The Moonmachine, released earlier this year, was quite simply a sensation.



The wicked little amphibian, from which the piece takes its name has on its body a sprinkling of yellow spots.  MB&F replicate these with yellow gold screws, which in turn compliment the redesigned red gold rotor.  The case is constructed from PVD coated Zirconium.


The MB&F Poison Dart Frog will be a limited edition of just 10 pieces.


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