The Nivrel X47 Horaire 2012



New for 2012 is the Nivrel X47 Horaire, a classically plain and understated piece from the German-based watch brand.


This is the second time that Nivrel have collaborated with X47 who produce personal organisers and calendars with a difference - they are super slim, built with a clever steel spine rail which means that the bulky ring binder system which normally secures the inserts is not required leaving theirs much more usable and portable.  X47 have also designed a new method of apportioning time - a novel calendar system termed "Time Circles", a blank diagram of a watch dial which can be used to split up your busy day.  How did such similar but diverse small companies find each other?  Simple, both are based in the state of Saarland, and instead of just combining their respective products to produce a gift set, this year's watch has been styled with input from both design departments.



The X47 Horaire is based on Nivrel's Horaire Automatique.  Housed in a rounded stainless steel case, the piece uses an ETA Calibre 2824-2 movement.  This is, to those used to dial decorations and indications, a bare-bones watch dial, but isn't there a certain beauty in the cleanness and unfussiness of a three handed display?   This one is completely unadorned, only a small recessed centre dial, a date aperture and a very traditional minutes track remove from its modesty, yet the proportions are perfect, and particularly for a watch of this size - 40mm across, are very classical.  An exact replication of the dial layout of the X47 Horaire is printed on the matching 2012  X47 organiser which is available in either A6 or A5 sizes.


Limited to 47 pieces, the Nivrel Horaire 2012 comes presented on a brown alligator leather strap.


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